What is the top tourist attraction in Canada?

What is the top tourist attraction in Canada?
Attractions are meant to attract people and thus, add up to the tourists’ revenue. At one end, where Government gets revenue benefit, while at other end, people get means to rejuvenate themselves. Likewise, Canada is also one of the places that are known for attractions, but the point is to judge the top attraction in the region. Sun Media readers were asked to vote for the top tourists’ attraction in each province to help visitors not to miss out on them. Readers chose different places as their favourite in each province to conclude the number on tourists’ attraction in Canada.
Let’s walk through the result of these voting to reach to a definite conclusion.
The Rocky Mountain: It is the popular attraction of British Columbia that attracts travellers from different corners of the world. It has numerous of mountain ranges and peaks that run all way from Alaska to the tip of South America.
Banff National Park: It is an oldest national park located in the Rocky Mountain. It got converted to UNESCO world heritage site and is a premier destination for genuine hospitality and outdoor exploration.

Old Quebec City: Quebec City, North America’s oldest and most magnificent settlement is known as the Crown Jewel of French Canada. It is the major attraction of the region.
Likewise, there is Athabasca Sand dunes Provincial in Saskatchewan, Aurora Borealis in Northwest Territories, Klondike National Historic Site in Yukon, Niagra fall in Ontorio, etc that are counted to be major attractions in Canada.
It is good to be aware of these sites so that you could explore them and do not miss out an opportunity on your trip to Canada.

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