What Is The Top Attraction In Each Canadian Province?

Travellers love to explore different places, their rich culture and varied diversity to know about the same. It is a fun-filled experience that has travellers enjoy. Thus, they look for different places that they could explore. Canada is one of these tourists’ spots, where there are numerous of attractions in different provinces that are must-see sites.

Do you want to explore Canada? Do you want to know about different attractions in different provinces?

Let’s walk through these provinces and know about must to explore places to help visitors know about the same such that they do not miss out an opportunity to explore.

British Columbia: 51.8% of people showed their interest in the Rocky Mountains, as top attraction in British Columbia.

Alberta: Baniff National Park grabbed number one position for with around 56% of votes in its favour.

Saskatchewan: Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park turned out to be top attraction in Saskatchewan with around 42% of the votes.

Manitoba: The place to watch polar bear counts to around 56.96% of votes in Churchill.

Yukon: Klondike National Historic Site grabbed top attraction epithet with around 44.29% of votes in its favour.

Nunavut: Baffin Island with 47.56% votes beat the Northwest Passage Trail to turn out to be top attraction in the region.

New Brunswick: New Brunswick’s Bay of Fundy got 74.27% of readers’ votes.

Quebec: Old Quebec City gained 81.85 of votes to acclaim top attraction in the city.

Prince Edward Island: 72.49% of votes were in favour of Anne and Green Gables as top attraction.

Ontario: the incredible beauty of Niagara fall cannot be denied. It grabbed majority of votes, counting to around 74% to be declared as top attraction in the city.

Nova Scotia: The Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse with 49.17% votes turned out to be the top attraction in the region.

So look for the province you are travelling down to and visit these top attractions to have the complete fun.

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