Plan A Great Itinerary With Our Thrilling British Columbia Attractions

British Columbia brims, with Pacific Ocean in the west and huge Rocky Mountain in the east, are well known for amazing landscapes and striking diversity. It is a perfect blend of cosmopolitan culture and recreational options. One could refresh himself or herself on a driving tour via beautiful scenery and charming towns and hot springs. The pleasant temperature is further believed to be quite refreshing. British Columbia attractions comprise a range of outdoor activities, like camping etc and historic sites and museums.

Let’s walk through few of these attractions that visitors are recommended to include in their itinerary.

Glacier National Park: It is called ‘North America’s Crown Jewel’ and is well known for 700 miles of maintained trails, alpine glaciers, deep forests and sparkling lakes.

Kootenay National Park: it is known for its diversity of landscapes, climate and ecology. You can easily see varied landscape, from glacier-clad peaks along the Continental Divide to semi-arid grasslands.

Yoho National Park: It is the place, where surging waters, glacial lakes, pounding waterfalls, looming peaks and meadows are quite popular.

Kokanee Glacier Provincial Park: It bestrides Selkirk mountain range between Slocan lake and Kootenay lake. It can be viewed while crossing the Kootenay lake free ferry.

Mt Revelstoke National Park of Canada: Here, you can have a drive along summit parkway through varied geographical zones, ranging from dense old forests of giant cedar and pine and subalpine forests, finally ending up to alpine meadows and tundra.

Ainsworth Hot Springs: It overlooks Kootenay Lake in British Columbia, allowing you to experience unique horseshoe shaped cave. You could easily come across the combination of darkness, humidity and mineral deposits, counting to be unique hot spring experience. Apart from it, there are accommodation and dining options to cater to the visitors’ needs.

Artisans of Crawford Bay: Located at a drive of only 7 mile from Kootenay Lake free ferry, it is a gathering of artisan studios and broom makers, glass blowers, etc.

Kootenay Lake Ferry: It counts to be the longest free ferry ride in the world and worth the voyage, though only for view. The ferry starts from Balfour and Kootenay Bay along highway 3A. It really counts to be an experience worthwhile.  Don’t miss out on chance to have a ferry drive here.

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