New tourist attraction takes off at Canada Place

FlyOver Canada virtual flight ride is Vancouver’s newest tourists attractions that is sure to captivate every of its visitors. It is mind blowing, as told by 2 of 2000 test passengers for virtual flight ride, at Canada Place and is expected to open on June 29. This tour characterizes spectacular images of Canada on 20-m half spherical screen and enhances the experience with wind, mist and scent all around. Visitors are made to sit on three tiered level strap and force themselves to hang with dangling feet over the rushing rapids, staggering cliffs and deep valleys.

FlyOver Canada has developed this amazing urban attraction. Its president Stephen Geddes and CEO, Andrew Strang, got the inspiration from Soaring Over California Ride in Disneyland. They made sure that this virtual journey should highlight Canada worldwide. It is really romantic and marvellous experience that would offer peoples enough of delight. In 2009, Imax theatre at Canada Place pitched a virtual ride successfully. The Aquilini Investment Group contributed $16 million along with the experts’ assistance to bring the concept of life.

It is first of its kind attractions in Canada that starts with audiovisual show, created by Montreal-based visual media moments Factory, well known for creating various popular shows. Visitors of all ages can experience this virtual tour and enjoy the memorable time. People in their 80s and 90s are expected to have a thrilling experience. Visitors would hoot and holler around throughout the ride. The custom manufacturing and installation of the place took over a year. Around 200 tons of steel was used. It is powered by Bullfrog Power, using wind and water as sources of power.

This aerial journey would really be remarkable experience for one and all. The operators are ready for the fast paced journey from coast to coast, getting soaked up with water sprayed from a nozzle onto the attractions seats. FlyOver Canada plans to host seasonal films at Christmas and Halloween in 2014.

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