Glacier Skywalk Jasper National Park: High-Suspending Rocky Mountain Attraction Now Complete

No doubt that you would be forced to utter ‘wow’ now. Glacier Skywalk Jasper National Park is the place, where you can go beyond nature’s edge and immerse yourself in captivating experience in one of the most unique ecosystem in the world. The fully accessible, cliff-edge walkway, leading to glass-floored observation platform helps visitors explore the power of glaciology. Glacier Skywalk is nature’s most grand performance that allows visitors to enjoy views of ice-capped mountains to vast glacier formed valleys. It gives floating impression, amongst the most stunning scenic beauty view in Canadian Rockies.

Like the Grand Canyon Skywalk, tourists can walk out over the canyon on a glass roof, where main construction has just wrapped on. The platform with glass-floor hangs around 300 metres above the Sunwapta Valley, committing travellers a bird’s eye view of mountain crags, glaciers and wildlife. It is 400 metre walk way that is attached to a platform, protruding 30 metres from the face of cliff. It offers interpretive experience to its visitors. With the goal to integrate with the wilderness, the project was initiated to invite visitors to learn, discover and explore.

This attractive venue in Canada is quite engaging interpretive experience that offers awesome views of glacial valley and rushing waterfalls. The sighting of bighorn sheep or mountain goats is quite entertaining to its visitors. Glacier Skywalk is a powerful connection to long lasting memoirs of unbelievable landscapes. Though the construction over the main structure was complete in October, the design of this landscape is so enchanting that it already won the World Architecture Festival Award in the Future Projects Category. It beats more than 60 projects to win this international award.

The wait is still not over. Visitors have to wait till spring to explore the scenic beauty of the place. According to architects, the finishing touches are expected to be over by spring. It would be open to visitor by May 1, 2014, with grand opening facilities to be help from May 17 to May 19.

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