Canada among world’s top 10 tourist destinations

Do you want to refresh yourself? Are you looking for the break from work? There is no doubt that every individual want to have fun and enjoyment in life. Majority of people, thus, look for different tourists’ places, where they could explore natural beauty and attraction spots to have the needed fun. Likewise, Canada is one of the top ten tourist destinations that attract million of visitors from all across the globe. Thanks to the natural beauty, attractions and infrastructure that cater to the needs, interest and taste of one and all.

At one end, where there is excellent air transportation infrastructure, while at other end, there is cultural diversity and rich natural resources that has ranked Canada at eighth place, among 140 countries in World Economic Forum  travel and tourism section. The competitiveness index shows one spot up from the previous survey. Apart from it, there are numerous surveys that have brought to light the preference of Canada among travellers. Indeed, it is considered to be the home to numerous World Heritage Sites, including Old Town Lunenburg, the Rocky Mountains and the Rideau Canal.

The two areas, where Canada lags behind are environmental sustainability and competitive price.  Though the ranking is still fair enough, 41st position with dip in the perception of environmental regulations enforcement, but still it suffers from increased CO2 emissions. The top five positions have gained by Switzerland, Germany, Austria Spain and U.K. apart from it, France, Singapore, and U.S. also hold good positions.

So, be ready to have fun in your break time at Canada, enjoying varied attractions and diversity to its best.

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