Month: March 2014

What Is The Top Attraction In Each Canadian Province?

Travellers love to explore different places, their rich culture and varied diversity to know about the same. It is a fun-filled experience that has travellers enjoy. Thus, they look for different places that they could explore. Canada is one of these tourists’ spots, where there are numerous of attractions in different provinces that are must-see […]

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Canada among world’s top 10 tourist destinations

Do you want to refresh yourself? Are you looking for the break from work? There is no doubt that every individual want to have fun and enjoyment in life. Majority of people, thus, look for different tourists’ places, where they could explore natural beauty and attraction spots to have the needed fun. Likewise, Canada is […]

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What is the top tourist attraction in Canada?

What is the top tourist attraction in Canada? Attractions are meant to attract people and thus, add up to the tourists’ revenue. At one end, where Government gets revenue benefit, while at other end, people get means to rejuvenate themselves. Likewise, Canada is also one of the places that are known for attractions, but the […]

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New tourist attraction takes off at Canada Place

FlyOver Canada virtual flight ride is Vancouver’s newest tourists attractions that is sure to captivate every of its visitors. It is mind blowing, as told by 2 of 2000 test passengers for virtual flight ride, at Canada Place and is expected to open on June 29. This tour characterizes spectacular images of Canada on 20-m […]

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